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Who we are.

At Spartan, we always deliver. Our philosophy is simple; do a good job, do it the right way, and do it on time. We have the resources, the infrastructure, and the team to complete our projects effectively, professionally, and beyond our client’s expectations. We do things bigger and better because we give a damn. We provide all of our clients the same attention that we would demand ourselves – and we have fun while we do it. That’s the Spartan way.


We are always honored to be a part of something bigger. Constructing a building that affects and improves lives moment by moment is a service we are proud to offer. Our team understands the delicate, demanding nature of healthcare construction and renovation. From conception to construction, we will always go above and beyond to do the best work possible.
Technological advances are being made worldwide. This can present complexities when constructing and maintaining manufacturing facilities, but Spartan Contracting views these complexities as opportunities. We embrace change in order to craft a more effective and efficient process for our clients.
Whether you’re creating a place to escape or a place to call home, you can count on Spartan Contracting to make building it an experience worth remembering. We dedicate ourselves to delivering unparalleled craftsmanship and relentless attention to detail. We’re committed to outperforming our competitors, which is how we earned our reputation for providing our clients with top-notch results.
In mission-critical infrastructures, all components must operate flawlessly. Efficiency, sustainability and reliability are crucial. No shortcuts. No excuses. Spartan Contracting provides diligent, hands-on, and highly specialized management. From site selection to single-point-of-failure identification to construction, we miss nothing and don’t waste time. We do it right the first time, providing our clients with long-term satisfaction.
Our team efficiently builds and renovates bank and office spaces while minimizing interruptions to your operations. We aim to be invisible, so your team and clients will barely notice we’re there until they see the stellar results.
National fuel stations and convenience stores count on Spartan Contracting to bring their stores up to current brand standards and keep pace with changing consumer taste and expectations for their industry. Our nimble and efficient team provides fast-paced renovations that can be completed within 10 days, and also delivers new, ground-up fuel station and convenience store builds across our footprint.
Spartan Contracting partners with energy and infrastructure providers and regional networks to ensure their facilities are performing at the cutting edge of utility optimization. As a result, we enable our utility partners to reduce downtime for their consumers. Our team works with several of the Southeast’s largest providers to deliver not only R&M and capital projects, but also “first-in-the-nation” storm command center technologies. These technological advances allow us to bring systems back online for our clientele quickly, effectively, and more organized than anyone else in the nation. That’s the Spartan way.


Spartan Contracting is highly experienced in general contracting projects. As licensed General Contractors throughout the Southeast and select Western states, our award-winning team is capable of managing projects of all scales. We know the only direction is up, and the sky is the limit.

Spartan takes pride in always going the extra mile for our clients. We provide a diverse selection of approaches for your construction and maintenance projects. Our dedicated team implements the latest technology and actively seeks out better methods to accomplish your project the right way.

We know construction begins at conception, which is why our team believes in being proactive, not reactive. We forge an atmosphere that values consistency and quality by taking key steps early on. We work with your team to plan, source materials and select dedicated subcontractors to create a cost-effective, highly-efficient outcome. Through these steps, Spartan Contracting maximizes value while minimizing potential conflicts.

Through our detail-oriented process, Spartan Contracting sets the industry standard. We manage all aspects of your project, providing a cost-effective solution for your team. With reduced administration, your project comes to life with expedited delivery. Our strategic architectural, engineering and subcontractor trade alliances allow us to execute our design and construction process in a bigger and better way.
Spartan Contracting’s commitment to sustainable construction permeates everything we do. We have successfully executed multiple LEED projects, ranging from ground-up bank branches to high-rise build-outs. Throughout each step of our projects, we go to great lengths to promote sustainability. We aim to learn and grow through all that we accomplish, and that includes consistently sustainable practices.

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