We’re an elite group of contractors who set the pace and standard in our industry.

Who we are.

At Spartan, we always deliver. Our philosophy is simple; do a good job, do it the right way, and do it on time. We have the resources, the infrastructure, and the team to complete our projects effectively, professionally, and beyond our client’s expectations. We do things bigger and better because we give a damn. We provide all of our clients the same attention that we would demand ourselves – and we have fun while we do it. That’s the Spartan way.


We are always honored to be a part of something bigger. Constructing a building that affects and improves lives moment by moment is a service we are proud to offer. Our team understands the delicate, demanding nature of healthcare construction and renovation. From conception to construction, we will always go above and beyond to do the best work possible.
Technological advances are being made worldwide. This can present complexities when constructing and maintaining manufacturing facilities, but Spartan Contracting views these complexities as opportunities. We embrace change in order to craft a more effective and efficient process for our clients.
Whether you’re creating a place to escape or a place to call home, you can count on Spartan Contracting to make building it an experience worth remembering. We dedicate ourselves to delivering unparalleled craftsmanship and relentless attention to detail. We’re committed to outperforming our competitors, which is how we earned our reputation for providing our clients with top-notch results.
In mission-critical infrastructures, all components must operate flawlessly. Efficiency, sustainability and reliability are crucial. No shortcuts. No excuses. Spartan Contracting provides diligent, hands-on, and highly specialized management. From site selection to single-point-of-failure identification to construction, we miss nothing and don’t waste time. We do it right the first time, providing our clients with long-term satisfaction.
Our team efficiently builds and renovates bank and office spaces while minimizing interruptions to your operations. We aim to be invisible, so your team and clients will barely notice we’re there until they see the stellar results.
National fuel stations and convenience stores count on Spartan Contracting to bring their stores up to current brand standards and keep pace with changing consumer taste and expectations for their industry. Our nimble and efficient team provides fast-paced renovations that can be completed within 10 days, and also delivers new, ground-up fuel station and convenience store builds across our footprint.
Spartan Contracting partners with energy and infrastructure providers and regional networks to ensure their facilities are performing at the cutting edge of utility optimization. As a result, we enable our utility partners to reduce downtime for their consumers. Our team works with several of the Southeast’s largest providers to deliver not only R&M and capital projects, but also “first-in-the-nation” storm command center technologies. These technological advances allow us to bring systems back online for our clientele quickly, effectively, and more organized than anyone else in the nation. That’s the Spartan way.


Spartan Contracting is highly experienced in general contracting projects. As licensed General Contractors throughout the Southeast and select Western states, our award-winning team is capable of managing projects of all scales. We know the only direction is up, and the sky is the limit.

Spartan takes pride in always going the extra mile for our clients. We provide a diverse selection of approaches for your construction and maintenance projects. Our dedicated team implements the latest technology and actively seeks out better methods to accomplish your project the right way.

We know construction begins at conception, which is why our team believes in being proactive, not reactive. We forge an atmosphere that values consistency and quality by taking key steps early on. We work with your team to plan, source materials and select dedicated subcontractors to create a cost-effective, highly-efficient outcome. Through these steps, Spartan Contracting maximizes value while minimizing potential conflicts.

Through our detail-oriented process, Spartan Contracting sets the industry standard. We manage all aspects of your project, providing a cost-effective solution for your team. With reduced administration, your project comes to life with expedited delivery. Our strategic architectural, engineering and subcontractor trade alliances allow us to execute our design and construction process in a bigger and better way.
Spartan Contracting’s commitment to sustainable construction permeates everything we do. We have successfully executed multiple LEED projects, ranging from ground-up bank branches to high-rise build-outs. Throughout each step of our projects, we go to great lengths to promote sustainability. We aim to learn and grow through all that we accomplish, and that includes consistently sustainable practices.

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Our Team.

Scott Kramer

President / CEO

Scott, Spartan’s President and CEO, has over 20 years of general contracting and commercial construction management experience in the financial, office, retail, multi-family, hospitality and healthcare industries.

Jay Brando

Project Manager

After earning a degree in Criminology, Jay joined the Spartan team as a project manager. His role entails running the daily operations of a project between the field superintendent and the client.

Clay Collins

Assistant Project Superintendent

Spartan’s project estimator, Clay, brings five years of experience to the table. Clay primarily works with financial institutions, and he prioritizes the relationships formed through his work.

Gary Collins

Project Superintendent

Gary has over 20 years of experience in the field and has worked on a wide range of projects. He believes the most rewarding part of any project is seeing the final result of what the team accomplished together.

Robert Gaston

Project Superintendent

As a superintendent, Robert primarily works on RRP’s and financial institution build-outs. He has 12 years of experience and has worked on a diverse range of projects.

Callum Bond

Assistant Project Manager

Having earned a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management with the highest honors, Callum is a skilled assistant project manager.

Paul Bostic

Project Superintendent

With 25 years of experience, Paul serves as a superintendent for the Spartan team. He started in residential building, then went into business for self-doing residential and commercial remodeling.

Dennis Calibuso

Project Superintendent

Dennis has earned 15 years of project experience within the field. As a superintendent, Dennis took part in an impressive office renovation for a local construction company.

Parker Clemmons

Project Superintendent

Parker has over 20 years of field experience and joined the Spartan team as a superintendent. He has experience in the financial, convenience and other various industries.

Randolph T. DeLano

Project Manager

Randolph joined the Spartan team with nearly 50 years of industry experience. As a project manager, he is responsible for contractual and financial management, scheduling and overall coordination of project workflow.

Rich Foster

Assistant Project Manager

Rich has three years of field experience and serves the team as an assistant project manager.

Vanecia Gaston

Project Coordinator

A former police officer, Vanecia has earned four years of field experience.

Tommy Glassmire

Project Superintendent

Tommy has over 40 years of experience to prepare him for various remodels of financial institutions.

Tom Gow

Project Manager

Tom joined the Spartan team as a project manager with over 10 years of experience. He has worked with a diverse range of clientele and takes pride in every project.

Rob Graf

Project Superintendent

With over 40 years of experience, Robert is a highly skilled superintendent. Since joining the Spartan team, he has primarily worked on ground-up projects.

Chris Hagler

Project Manager

As a project manager, Chris is no stranger to a job well done. After serving seven years as a skilled handyman, Chris joined the Spartan team as a self-described “superintendent with a lot to learn”.

Jeff Hogan

Project Superintendent

Jeffrey brings over 30 years of industry experience to his role as a project superintendent. He currently supervises a diverse range of field projects, from high-scope renovations to the decommissioning of a small bank space.

Duke Holdren

Project Superintendent

Duke joined the Spartan team with seven years of industry experience and values a job well done.

Barrett Mackey

Project Superintendent

Barrett has 20 years of industry experience and serves as a project superintendent.

Roy Mallory

Project Superintendent

Roy joined the Spartan team with over 35 years of industry experience and serves as a project superintendent.

TJ Mann

Senior Project Superintendent

With over 20 years of industry experience, Dwight thrives in a fast-paced, challenging environment, using these projects as opportunities to let the team’s talent shine.

DJ Mann

Assistant Project Superintendent

Approaching two years in the industry, DJ joined the Spartan team as an assistant superintendent.

John Mann

Assistant Project Manager

John holds over 30 years of experience and joined the Spartan team as an assistant project manager.

Theresa Mann

Project Coordinator

Theresa joined the Spartan as a project coordinator and is always happy to lend a helpful hand.

Bob Mardis

Project Estimator

Working as an estimator on new retail, administration and civil renovation projects, Bob’s 50 years of experience help him excel on every project.

Bryce Martin

Assistant Project Manager

One of Spartan’s skilled assistant project managers, Bryce runs and assists in managing active projects for the company, ranging from low remodel projects all the way to extensive ground-up projects.

Joe Mastrino

Assistant Project Superintendent

Joe has three years of field experience and joined the Spartan team as an assistant superintendent.

David Mills

Project Superintendent

David has diligently worked in the field for over 20 years, primarily specializing in millwork.

Daniel Muresan

Project Manager

Daniels holds over 11 years of field experience, primarily working with financial institutions.

Paul Murphy

Assistant Project Superintendent

Paul joined the Spartan team as an assistant superintendent with a degree in Hospitality Management and five years of field experience.

Kris Paterson

Senior Project Manager

Kris brings nearly 20 years of industry experience to the table. As a senior project manager, he oversees all regions throughout the company and trains team members.

Cathy Perez

Senior Accounting Manager

One of the few original Spartan employees, Cathy serves as Spartan’s senior accounting manager.

Makayla Perez

Accounting Assistant

Makayla joined the Spartan team as an accounting assistant, helping the company keep all accounts in order.

Greg Perry

Project Superintendent

Greg serves the Spartan team as a superintendent and has 34 years of industry experience under his belt.

Ray Rayder

Project Superintendent

Ray is nearing 40 years of field experience and serves the Spartan team as a project superintendent. As a superintendent, Ray has worked on housing units, financial institutions, pawnshop remodels and many others.

Conner Schiebinger

Estimating Coordinator

After earning his degree at Florida State University, Conner joined the Spartan team as a project estimator.

Ed Shearer

Project Superintendent

Serving as a project superintendent, Ed is a jack of all trades. He prides himself in his flexible nature and watching a project come to completion.

Kyle Smith

Project Superintendent

Kyle joined the Spartan team as a superintendent and his 16 years of experience equip him to get the job done the Spartan way.

Brian Truglio

Project Controller

Brian serves as Spartan’s project controller, primarily overseeing cost management, project controls and accounting.

Roxzan Vallance

Accounting Manager

Roxzan joined the Spartan team as an accounting manager and is always happy to lend a helping hand.

Wensky Villanoix

Assistant Project Superintendent

Wensky has three years of industry experience under his belt. As an assistant superintendent, he primarily oversees the operations of financial institution projects.

Justin Walsh

Project Manager

Justin is nearing 20 years of industry experience and serves as a project manager. In this role, Justin oversees sources and bids, ensuring the smooth execution of projects.

Anthony Whealton

Senior Project Manager

Anthony has over 40 years of general contracting and commercial construction management experience in the class A commercial real estate, financial, hospitality and healthcare industries.

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